National Lockdown. Restricted to only going out if it is really necessary for essential goods, which is food or medical assistance,  or if you are classified as an essential worker. But for us who are used to living an active lifestyle, this puts everything out of the question in regards with going out for our daily jogs, walks or even going to the gym. So how do we maintain this active lifestyle when moving outside of our house is prohibited? It takes a lot of motivation to maintain your active lifestyle to make sure you keep your body in routine and to get your daily step count in or daily amount of exercise your body is used to getting. And switching from what you are used to, to suddenly having to do everything at home with minimal equipment is something that requires even more determination and motivation.

The new normal?

The question among everyone now is, is this the new normal? Are we going to live our day to day that even when we level up to lower levels, is everything going back to normal or are we going to get used to this new normal to prevent ourselves of getting the virus when we step foot outside our houses?

And the biggest question of all right now is, how do we make sure we keep a balance between our active lifestyle and healthy eating habits? We have to keep ourselves from not staying on the couch all day or just binge eat on every snack we can find in the house. Luckily with today’s technology, we can get a personal trainer at the tip of our fingertips and on our nearest app store.


Online Exercising


Online exercising is taking over the active industry by storm and all of this can be found by the touch of a button and a quick online search. Just like that, you can have a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home. You can get in touch with any trainer in the world and have access to any type of exercise, whether it is yoga, HIIT workouts, pilates, the list goes on. These online videos can range between classes of 15 minutes all the way to videos that are just under an hour. The options are endless and the intensity of the workouts can be for beginners to advanced athletes. There are thousands of videos available for you online and many companies have made apps that are easy to download from your app store with tips and exercises given for free or to run a 30-day free trial and then purchase the app to gain more access to the app with unlimited features. The choice is up to you.



Where can I find these videos?

You can access any of these videos by just going onto any web search page and type in the type of workout you want to do. After that, there will be options given to access exercises via a website or do go straight to Youtube that gives you numerous options of what trainer you want and the type of exercises. When you access a video on Youtube and you like the trainer’s video and feel it goes along with the type of energy and trainer you want, you are given the option to subscribe to the trainer’s Youtube page that will give you notifications when new videos are posted on their channel, so you will always be in the loop of the newest and latest posts and videos. If you don’t want to stick to only one trainer, that is fine as well. The options are so wide that you can have a different trainer every day doing different exercises.





Also, a question asked frequently is, do I need to have any equipment? These online videos range from exercises that you can do with absolutely no equipment, exercises that you will need minimal equipment for example just a few regular weights or resistance bands, or heavy equipment for those who have the leisure of having a home gym setup. Most online videos will give you an indication of what equipment is going to be needed and because most of the world is in quarantine and can’t access any gym facilities, they made exercising with weights so easy that you can use weights using household items like water bottles or towels etc. The choice is up to you as trainee what level of equipment you want to access when doing the online video exercises.



5 Free fitness apps to download in Lockdown


1.Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers you over 200 guided workouts for all different fitness levels. The best part of this app, the premium option is “Free until further notice”, which means you do not have to pay a subscription fee for the premium option, it is now free.


ClassPass gives you access to thousands of gyms as well as wellness programs across cities around the world. Since gyms are shut down due to the pandemic ClassPass is sharing all of their previous videos for free!

3.CorePower Yoga on demand

This is an app that gives you in-person yoga classes straight to your mobile device. Yoga helps to align both your physical and mental health and minimal equipment is needed. Because of the pandemic, CorePower is adding free classes to its On Demand platform.

4. MyFitnessPal

Is a well-known app and the front runner for the best free fitness app. But MyFitnessPal is less of a fitness app and is more of a calorie counter that is used to help you on your fitness journey. This app helps you track all the food you eat on a daily basis to manage your nutrient and calorie intakes. You can set daily goals for yourself and the app can create the goals for you according to the information it has gathered.

5.Down Dog

Every time you log onto the app it gives you brand new exercises. The Down Dog app has 6 different apps that are available to download to fit with the fitness program you are used to or rather would enjoy. These apps range between Beginners Yoga to even Prenatal Yoga. The choice is up to you.



List of 10 Popular Youtube Fitness Trainers

(Click on each name to get easy access to their Youtube pages)
  1. Dance Workouts: The Fitness Marshall
  2. HIIT Workouts: PopSugar Fitness
  3. Pilates Workouts and more: Blogilates
  4. Yoga Workouts: Yoga with Adriene
  5. Strength Training Workouts: HASfit
  6. 5-min Workouts: FitnessBlender
  7. Boxing Workouts: NateBowerFitness
  8. Low-impact Workouts: Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home
  9. Roberta’s Gym
  10. Cardio Workouts: Les Mills


The choice is up to you to find a trainer or app that works perfect for you. The choices are endless and you will guaranteed find the best fitness routine to help you beat the lockdown blues. Time to get active!